80 Euro

70 Euro  each

110 Euro

150 Euro

80 Euro

110 Euro

280 Euro

400 Euro

230 Euro

110 Euro

60 Euro

140 Euro

180 Euro


Primary chain case for Harley singles.Needs quite a bit of repair


Several manifolds in stock

Brake plate without brake shoes,VL?,good

We have quite a lot of motor parts,too many to list here,inquire.Manifolds cost 60 Euro,rocker domes 60 Euros,rockers 40

Drive case gears,from 40 to 80 Euros for a good one,choice

Triple clamp for VL fork,good

Lots of gear box parts available,inquire

I would really like to know about this rear hub.What make?It came from a genuine H-D board track racer,about 1916

Model B cam cover,has been welded and needs cleaning and maybe some minor remachining

Don`t know which bike this is from

Brake and drum,VL?Good condition

Set of cam wheels,I think VL,usable,400 Euro the lot.Might split.

1925-1928 saddle.Has the wrong pan,but I could supply the correct one.Sold with the plunger assembly.


Kick starter crank,looks thirties or fourties,I am not familiar with these models,good

Front brake bracket VL,good


Valve seats for around 1915-1929 Harley

1917-1924 gear box case.Main shaft and gears look usable,but not brilliant.I have several cases in stock also for VL and JD

1925-29 Primary chain case.Needs quite a bit of repair.

90 Euro

2200 Euro

WLA 750 frame and forks.Very nice replica.Won`t split.

Rear fender JD 1926-1929 with some funny tool boxes,probably English.Poor condition,but seems repairable.

200 Euro

No idea what fender that is.I have quite a few of these.Can you identify?


140 Euro

150 Euro

150 Euro

50 Euro

130 Euro

250 Euro

800 Euro

600 Euro

400 Euro

800 Euro

450 Euro

Harley 1916-24 fender,original,but wrong struts.The blade is so so and can be used for a racer or similar.

A little better.With struts.

Rear fender 1917-21.Seems to be an old replica.Not too bad.

Rear fender struts 1917-21

1916-24 T-bar and front bracket



Most of a 1925-1927 saddle



Generator for mid twenties.Very complete,turns over smoothly.Everything looks fine except for surface rust.


Original JDH cams for the 2 cam Harley.Good usable condition

Conrods for JD and JDH motors.Very good and straight.

JDH(2 cam) cams and parts,good.

Pair of rockers and valve housings for 1928/29 2 cam motors

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