Parts for antique American motorcycles

since 1991

Antique Motorcycle Parts, Antique Harley Motorcycles

Antique Motorcycle Parts, Antique Harley Motorcycles

We produce spare parts of all kinds: sheet metal parts, tanks, motor parts, gear box parts, saddles for old American motorcycles from 1910 to 1930. Brands: Old Harley Davidson, Indian, Henderson, Excelsior, Pierce, Pope. We ship world wide. Main market is Europe, USA, Australia & New Zealand.

Since 1991, we have been producing all sorts of antique motorcycle parts- motorcycle saddles, Old Harley Davidson, gear box parts, motor parts, tanks, sheet metal parts for Indian antique motorcycles, Pierce antique motorcycles, Henderson antique motorcycles, Harley antique motorcycles, etc. We ship our products throughout the world, but our main market is Europe, United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand. We are sure about high quality of our products, so we provide a money back guarantee with our products, but the condition is that it must be proved that our products are unsatisfactory. Furthermore, we will replace all manufacturing defective parts.

Antique Harley motorcycles

The olden Harley motorcycles are very famous among bike racers and even common people. These popular Harley motorcycles were the only major motorcycle manufactured throughout the Great Depression. And even to this day, these Harley motorcycles craze men. The limited edition antique Harley motorcycles are always a most sought treasure today.

The most desirable motorcycle

The antique Harley motorcycles have relatively low speeds compared to the racing bikes of today. Many of them represent an old style and they don’t glide smoothly as today’s bikes. Even then, these antique Harley motorcycles are wanted by many, all over the world. These antique Harley motorcycles were designed inspired by the Harley-Davidson’s drag racing heritage.

Some antique Harley motorcycles are worth a fortune today. Many of them were limited editions varying form a few hundreds to much customized models designed for a celebrity. Many such models are a true treasure; the 1909 Harley motorcycle, the Model 5-D Twin, introduced the first twin-cylinder engine model, with the rear wheel powered by a leather belt. This bike is a very special Harley motorcycle now due to its limited production of just 27 units. Only one single model survived until today. Also, the 8-Valve Racer Model was built in just 20 units and only two authentic survivals have been found to survive.

Availability of the Harley motorcycles

A successful performance on the hilly roads was accomplished by the DAH hill climber. This hill climber is brought by many today due to its special 45 cubic-inch overhead valve arrangement, which is never found in other street bikes. Some antique Harley motorcycles were solely designed for a famous person, with many customizations. Such bikes are very hard to find now. The Elvis Presley’s Model KH is one such model owned by Elvis Presley, on his launch into the super stardom.

The very early Harley motorcycles cannot be found now. The company produced only a few hundreds of motorcycles in a year until the 1908s, making it very difficult to find an authentic undestroyed version of these bikes. It is considered to be very rare.
These great Harley motorcycles have evolved into many powerful models today, but the vintage models are searched by many collectors.

Antique Motorcycle Parts

The classic bikes, vintage bikes and antique bikes – all refer to the motorcycles of the olden days. Such classic vintage bikes are increasingly becoming a rarity now and there are many duplicates and replicas in the market. If you necessarily need to make your old bike road ready, then you will need lots of Antique Motorcycle spare parts to get going. Many such parts are available online today.

The truly authentic parts –How to find?

Many Antique Motorcycle Parts found today are not from the olden days themselves. They are reproduced by other companies. Before buying Antique Motorcycle Parts, there are many factors to be checked for. If you just need to get your antique bike back into the old functioning for, you can use any Antique Motorcycle Parts you like. But if you want to get your bike ready for the show, you need to watch closely to find the right origin, age, date, quality and style of the Antique Motorcycle Parts to suit your bike. Any changes in these can affect the value of your antique motorcycle.

What are the qualities of a good and authentic part?

If the brand corresponding to your antique motorcycle still exists, then the chances are high that Antique Motorcycle Parts can be found. There are many motorcycle clubs to help the buying of Antique Motorcycle Parts. The history of owners, production date and other details should be verified well before purchase. Also, the Antique Motorcycle Parts should be checked from all angles. Any cracks, paint cover ups, dents or scratches should be considered seriously. Some of them use any parts that may fit a certain model, but this is not a good practice. Also, attempting to fix damaged parts yourself can create a problem or damage to the vintage vehicle.

The parts for replacement

The electrical systems of the vintage bikes are very simper and a battery replacement can be done too. Engine and transmission problems should be treated by experts. A rebuilding may cost more, but will work in most cases. The cylinders, valves, pistons, and crankshaft are available for famous antique motorcycles. It is always recommended to change tires of the antique bikes, as tires usually crack due to the age.

Antique motorcycles

An antique motorcycle is a really good thing to add to your collection. Whatever it is, Antique motorcycles buying and selling has a great amount of money involved. Hence it is important to know the right information before buying any antique motorcycle. Here are some to help you.

Get lots of information

Researching and collecting info is the key to getting good any good antique motorcycle. Check for others’ comments and get reviews from family and friends. A perfectly good review is important always. Many sellers offer their Antique motorcycles for a very cheap rate. But later you will know that the cost to fix it can be very huge.

The value of your Antique motorcycle

The value of a motorcycle is it antique or new can vary greatly. The prices can rise or fall anytime – it can cause a huge loss to you. Also, if you have restored the Antique motorcycle completely, then the cost of the restoration can exceed the worth of the bike. So check before you restore Antique motorcycles to their glory. Sometimes, restoring Antique motorcycles can decrease their value. Any minor changes in the design during restoration can decrease the value as well.

Finding the right parts

If you are determined to bring one of those old ones back to the road, it may be very hard and sometimes impossible to find the right parts that fit them. Many antique tires are very hard to find. Also, the cost may be very high to manufacture a personalized part for you.

The comfort

Most Antique motorcycles have killer looks and are classic, but can be hard to ride. The bikes of now have offered us all so much luxury and comfort. But many of these are not very comfortable to balance or handle.

Extra costs

Many extra fees are levied upon the Antique motorcycles during the buying and selling. The shipping fees are usually very high for these motorcycles. There may be additional taxes too. Also, the auctions will have many additional fees to buy or sell. There are insurance costs and import duties as well. It is important to consider these fee and costs before venturing to buy an antique motorcycle.
After knowing these facts, you are ready to buy your new antique motorcycle, all the best!


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